The DVD Project

The DVD Project Madrid, Spain
curated by Maite Camacho biography
& Mario Gutiérrez Cru biography

Curatorial statement

DVD Project is an international videoart project that is born stimulated from the Dutch Group Stichting Ide – fixe (IDFX) in 2005. It has been created with the intention of showing emergent and experimental videoart in diverse countries, as a democratic and accessible platform for young artists.
The project consists on selecting 10 videoartist from a country, at the expense of the international Commissioner, and the organization of diferents exhibits where the selection it shows and also shows in a loop format the work of all the videoartist selected in the rest of counties where has been carried out DVD Project. The event can be completed by activities around the videoart as workshops and conferences.
In DVD Project all the videos that show are for sale,on an accessible price of 50€ for video. The edition will be limited of 100 copies; and it includes a box also designed and signed by the own artist who forms a part of the exhibition. The rights of this acquired copy are for a individual viewed or educationally, never for
commercial purposes or in centers of art, galleries, without the assent and agreement signed by the artist.

The sample nowadays possesses the emergent creations of German, Dutch, Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, France, Argentina, France, Austria, Macedonia, Italy and Cuba though diverse international commissioners are working in order that between 2010-12 the project extended the nationalities (IJapan, Maroc, Sweden, Finland, England, and Romania)
Now the duration is around 12 hours.

Spain Artists: Sergio Ojeda – Félix Fernández – Alberto Chinchón – Esther Achaerandio – Fernando Arrocha y Ángela Cuadra – Unai Requejo – Laurita Siles – Izaskun Álvarez – Mario Gutiérrez – Maite Camacho.


Esther Achaerandio

Title of work/- Dsbios, 2:11, 2007

Izaskun Álvarez

Title of work/The chewing gum video, 4:58, 2007

The piece presented is a graphical composition that evokes the viewer moving through real space new imaginary landscapes, accompanied by a looped sound piece emphasizing that led nowhere in the imagination of the viewer.

Fernando Arrocha y Ángela Cuadra
Title of work/Intruso TV, 0:58, 2006

Maite Camacho

Title of work/Buscando la postura, 2007
Mono-channel video HDV quality, length of 7:38 min.

“This performance is a part of my homonymous project, which investigates the idea of living as a necessity to define a space for oneself and to feel located.
Having as basic elements: space, body and time, concepts close to the performance, I intent to work with them and take them to other sculptural and audiovisual vessels.

I use daily objects for some of these pieces, objects that make reference to the body. In this case the chair presents private space, rest…in its minimal expression. I use the game of the “musical chairs” like a metaphor for the actual situation of the individual. Every day feels like a race to defend ones own territory inside a hostile environment.
This childish game, apparently simple, has a lot do with what we have to face ourselves with every day, feelings of perpetual movement in search of a place where we feel located, can rest and breath deeply, but always with one eye observing everything that surrounds us and what we don’t have, always prepared to get up running again.”

Alberto Chinchon

Title of work/Still life, 7:08, 2007

Félix Fernández

Title of work/Test 5: on love, 5:30, 2007

This works is part of a series entitled ‘Essays’, in which I reflect on abstract concepts as creation, perfection, contemplation…
In this one concretely, I look for a score where I can frame such a complex emotion as love. I establish four parts through which this feeling develops. ‘Essay #5 on love’ shows, from a very narrative point of view, the different stages of a concrete love story. 

As in the other works in the series, chance has been a very important factor in its construction, and I have always adapted the language used to the concept I was working in. So it is normal that this video displays a very cinematographic component because I am interested in going deeper not in a specific instant in the love story but in its time projection.

Mario Gutiérrez Cru

Title of work/Registros: travesia de belén, 4:37, 2007

Travesía de Belén, a street from Madrid, was the origin of the investigation project with concept “routes” that mix photo, video and interactive instalations. The unconscious movement of the street walkers are the real creators of the piece.

In this case is a aereal film that present the lines that we make in the regular tours we made everyday. It´s a metaphore of the relationship between time and the walkers, and the invisible line that they made the way and it still in the memory for some seconds and them dissapears

Sergio Ojeda

Title of work – ilusión de Victoria, 9:44, 2007

Unai Requejo

Title of work- Oe Oe, 9:24, 2006

OE OE is a documentary video about one stage of the Tour de France, filmed in four days of June 2005. But it’s main subject is not cycling or even sport, focused on the supporters, the aim of the video is to speak about topics such as leisure culture and the feelings of being part of a community. Flags, anthems and other serious symbols are shown, however, from a funny point of view, where the irony confronts with an expected epic or solemnity.

Laurita Siles

Title of work – ¿Cual es mi bandera? – 1:17, 2007

Who knows why, one day, someone felt identified with red and proclaim their flag.
And one survives clinging to it, exalting him and shouting as high as possible lest we hear foulbrood said the neighbor, you’re right and we crumble the cosmogony.
And identity becomes a swollen ego, a resistance to confront precisely
to this human nature that if something clearly shows us is that we know little to nothing.
Remember that when you see red, is a lie.
Text: Zabalo Eluska Monk