Gaza International Videoart Festival (Palestine)

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Messages from Gaza
is a collaboration with “Windows from Gaza” & Gaza International Videoart Festival
videoart from Palestine

Videoart by Mohammed Harb Gaza/Palestine

including videos by Ayman Asraq – Mohammed Harb
Shareef Sarhan – Majed Shala – Basel El Maqusi

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List of videos

Ayman Asraq

Passage, 2007, 6:35

The meticulous memories told by the groups of exiled Palestinian have made me interested in the individual narrative, and how they position themselves within a larger social context. This is seen in the video work I did in 2007, The Passport. The 6.35 minute-long film was a portrait of sort of an exiled Palestinian, who has a regret he cannot rid himself of: leaving Palestine. He sits in his room in Oslo, not fully accepting where he is, what his occupation is, and neither are his future plans clear, and says, ‘it was not worth leaving Palestine’. His only clear goal in the current state, is to wait, until he

Mohammed Harb

Without Windows, 2009, 5:00

Without windows
The work of video art-making in the Gaza Strip
Gaza captive between four walls
Video reflects the view of human life, a bond to the news and television screens, especially screens News
ABCs of the war were made in the lexicon of our new gray
Life in Gaza has become very sharp, humans battling the bond amount is between the legs of power that suppress the people
Life in Gaza within the meter box to a person moves between
News – War – Holy – the dream
All scenes are made in me dream out of the windows
Windows closed in Gaza and there is no windows
You can not have only to go up to the sky
Mohammed Harb
Artist living between four walls in the big prison of Gaza

Shareef Sarhan

Zanaza, 2009, 2013

Majed Shala

Headache, 2010, 3:00

This Video Art representing the continuous power outages in Gaza city . which is a result of bombing the power station by Israeli occupation army four years ago , which led people to resort to alternatives like small generators . which you can see everywhere to continue the life . this is makes the people in constant disturbing from these generators , which makes a noise ,environmental and audio pollution that resulting a headache .
So I did this video to present this problem to generate a power station

Basel El Maqusi

Number, 2009, 3:10

The water crisis in Gaza is coming from the over extraction from the only water source available, the aquifer, According to the studies, the extracted quantities are much less than the reimbursed quantities during the rain season.
This over extraction over years and years caused a real threat of sea intrusion; it even started in some areas in the Gaza Strip.

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