New feature: Football as a topic in videoart

Laar - film by Jacques Faton & Alpha Sadou Gano (Belgium/Senegal)

Forever – The Ball!

The compilation of films and videos selected and curated by Agricola de Cologne is observing the phenomenon of football from different positions.
They transport basically the enthusiasm for this sport, from those who are actively practicing this sport, but in the same way, the fans, enrthusiastic amateurs who identify themselves with the pleasure and positive the sport and its protagonists are representing to them. But also the dark side of this sport is spotlighted,like hooligans, radical mass phenomenons, and the misuse of drugs and alcohol.

These are the participating artists

Eric Esser (Germany) , Jacques Faton & Alpha Sadou Gano (Belgium/Senegal), Hubert Sielecki (Austria), Kevin Ryan (Ireland)
Max Hattler (Germany), Yuriy Kruchak & Yulia Kostereva (Ukraine), Joanot Cortès (Spain), Paula Noya (Spain), Henry Gwiazda (USA), Marta Azparren (Spain), Eva Olsson (Swe), Anders Weberg (Swe), Haike Rausch & Torsten Grosch (D), Sander Veenhof (NL), Scott Stark (USA), David Anthony Sant (Australia), Heike Liss & Patrice Scanlon (USA), Ann Tracy (USA), Goran Dimic (Croatia), Cristian Chironi (Italy), Alvaro Collar (Spain), Lili White (USA)

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