Karwowski, Antoni

Videoart from Poland
compilation curated by Antoni Karwowski

Curatorial statement:
When I recognized it is impossible to show all phenomenon describing video art with short, 30 minute compilations, I have chosen some artists different in a plain of reflection and the way of formulating a message and they have different artistic experience. All of them explore the area integrating art and new technology. Using characteristic for them means of expressions, they try to express theirs emotions and give them universal dimension.

The artists invited to participate:
Urszula Kluz–Knopek, Krzysztof Kuźnicki, Dominik Pabis, Kamil Smuga, Alicja Żebrowska, Antoni Karwowski.


Urszula Kluz-Knopek (adija)

Title: To be a Wife
year 2010, duration 3:24

The bird got married to be happy. She became a pretty housewife (hen) with a heart full of hope and with a belly full of her husband’s (cock) stuffing. The stuffing consisted of all roosters’ advantages, few bottles of beer, fat and gold. She felt a nice warmth in her stomach and she felt happy. Her premonitions were confirmed by the articles and news on the radio. On her thirtieth birthday she stopped noticing colors, tastes, the warmth of her body. She no longer believe in her happiness and the stars in the sky. This was probably the most important day in her entire life. Hey birdie, this is over, an oak pencil case for your 30 birthday.

Krzysztof Kuźnicki

Title: Look(s) like…
year 2010, duration 3:52
Human’s eyes confronted with a time passing constantly. Artist’s eye as a witness and commentator of the reality, imagination, history and present time. Mankind’s eyes as a reason and result of looking.

Dominik Pabis

Game, year 2004, duration 6:05
[…] They exist for themselves in the virtual world only. Usually the players’ aim is to eliminate opponents as soon as possible. This is a safe males’ fight, transferred into virtual game. We do not know, we do not see what causes their reactions and what game they play, we just focus on the observation of their atavistic behaviors.

Kamil Smuga

Title: The same , year 2010, duration 8:55
Work on the film took several years, the process of conceptual lasted the longest. At that time, attempted to record to make sure that the imagination translates into an image. Throughout this period, I was accompanied by keywords such as: the monotonous, identical, same or similar. THE SAME is a summary of those thoughts.

Alicja Zebrowska

Title: Metatrauma
year 1998, duration 3:11

Metatrauma is a small video piece, which brings motives of death, youthfulness and sexual energy together with an eternal wondering over the force and desire of creativity. The objects appearing at the beginning and end of the film perhaps serve to enhance the idea of mankind’s desperate struggle for existence, or maybe they’re just an attribute of little meaning. It is neither a contention for nor affirmation of nor declaration of the failure of being and death, but perhaps an attempt to pose a question not jest put forward.

Antoni Karwowski

Title: Timmervik
Year 2010, duration 3:38
In Timmervik – sometimes I feel you look at me.