De Gracia, Silvio

Transformaciones by La Nariz en la Taza (Argentina)

Argentinian Dreamers
Videoart from Argentina curated by
Silvio De Gracia

presentd on 19 March 2011 at Kharkiv City Art Gallery (Ukraine)

CologneOFF 2011 UKRAINE
14-20 March 2011 – Kiev-Kharkiv

Curatorial statement
Argentinian dreamers
This curatorial project tries to show a minimal and partial portion of the video scene in Argentina. The selection reveals an panorama that is strongly marked by a hibrid tendency, where the genres are mixed or confuses, with an intense presence of human action and performative elements, including ludic approaches, caustic irony and even extremes experiencies of body art . The discourse of a body that operates and transmits the rawness and reality of his flesh and presence is very relevant, much more so than abstraction or experimentals exercises with the medium. Bodies are testimonies. They live and dream and speak of the passage of time, life, death, and the fragility.
Argentinians dreamers exposes much more than simple video art. The medium is intensely questioned from the inside of bodies dreamers.


Gustavo Galuppo

Title of work: La progresión de las catástrofes (Progression of disasters).
Year: 2005
Duration: 8’ 57”
Concept and production: Gustavo Galuppo. Music: Vera Baxter.
Synopsis: In “Progression of disasters” Galuppo articulates images taken from the history of cinema and from more intimate environment, creating a poetic work, complex, with singular richness formal exploring incisively the nature of the images, the love and the look.

Marcela Rivera

Title of work: Creo que mis ojos deberían tener alas (I think my eyes should have wings)
Year: 2007
Duration: 3’ 8”
Concept and Performer: Marcela Rivera
Synopsis: This video is a record of a visceral and poetic performance, which refers to death, eternity, and the fragility of time and body.

Gabriela Alonso

Title of work: Leche (Milk)
Year: 2006
Duration: 3’ 43”
A woman plays with milk. This video shows a performative exercise fun and refreshing, nice and innocent. Perceptions and internal and external sensations are interpreted and represented himself in the mind, under the influence of pleasure / displeasure.

La Nariz en la Taza
(Soledad Sánchez Goldar and Luciana Césari)

Title of work: Transformaciones (resistencia / confianza / reencuentro)
Year: 2006
Duration: 5’ 59”
Synopsis: This video explores the concepts of trust and emotional encounter between people, through the metaphors of the passage and the fall. The message is clear but intense: after all the tragedies and isolation only can saves us the contact with another human being.

Ricardo Rojstaczer

Title of work: Southward Bound
Year: 2005
Duration: 3’ 35”
Back in my homeland, Argentina, after a long absence. In a dream state, going south towards a reunion, not knowing wether it will be a happy one or a menace. Is someone waiting to take me back, into his arms? Will it hurt?
The sountrack was made with alterated fragments taken from Piazzola’s work.

Silvio De Gracia

Title of work: Via Crisis
Year: 2007
Duration: 2’ 49”
Concept, cam and editing: Silvio De Gracia
From a simple pun with the Christian VIA CRUXIS, the video builds a reflection about the loss of faith and about an opposition between light and darkness within the religious field. A Christ who shifts ambiguously between life and lifelessness and who goes from semi-darkness to the abyss, ends up being buried, this referring to the definite closing down of a religion which is connected with intolerance and violence.