CologneOFF IV – “Here We Are!”

CologneOFF IV - Here We Are!
CologneOFF IV - Here We Are!
CologneOFF IV - Here We Are!
CologneOFF IV - Here We Are! - Enter
Here We Are!
After the world premiere in Maracaibo in October 2008 and the German premiere in Nuremberg in November, the festival is finally launched on the net, including more than 142 short films and videos from 40 countries.
The festival consists of 3 programs, OFF – the official festival selection, including 35 films, LAB series – a laboratory for 80 films under various thematic aspects, MOTHER – a film program on theme “mother”, including another 27 films.
Directed and curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, CologneOFF IV contains the largest film selection until now, presenting many excellent works on the online festival space, as well in physical screenings – to be announced in time.

CologneOFF issued 3 festival catalogues, each one for the OFF, LAB and Mother program section
CologneOFF IV OFF - PDF catalogue
CologneOFF IV LAB - PDF catalogue
CologneOFF IV Mother - PDF catalogue

The launch of CologneOFF IV online represents also a good occasion for VideoChannel to launch a new tool, i.e. VAD – Video Art Database. As a work in progress, VAD will become at the end of the publishing process a unique source for video art on the net, which allows to view hundreds of videos by more than 500 video artists from all continents individually.

VAD is completed by VIP – VideoChannel Interview Project , which is publishing 50 interviews with festival participants on occasions of the CologneOFF IV launch,
and AND – artists network database , hosting the biographies of more than 1500 media artists participating in the framework of The NETWORK , i.e. [NewMediaArtProjectNetwork]:||cologne.

Wilfried Agricola de Cologne & his festival team wish all artists, collaborators and partners and all visitors and friends a

  • Listen also to the Christmas message!
  • See you next year!