CologneOFF I – 1st Cologne International Videoart Festival

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CologneOFF I
Curated by Agricola de Cologne
was launched on 11 April 2006 online and incorporates 40 videos and digital short films

Venues 2007

Selections of Cologne OFF I – were presented on

selection “genderscapes”

  • Optica Video Festival
    Gijon/ES – 8,10-14 November 2008
  • Les Inattendus Film Festival
    Lyon/F – 21-27 January 2008
  • VIP Art Gallery
    Belgrade/Serbia 19 November 2007
  • 1st Digital Art Festival Bahia Blanca/Argentina
    12-13 October 2007
  • 6th Digital Art Festival Maracaibo/Venezuela
    1-8 October 2007
  • Mobile Institute Brussels/Belgium – 24 August 2007
  • ENTER Caravansarai Festival
    Istanbul/Turkey – 27 – 30 June 2007 –
  • unDEAF – Dutch Electronic Art Festival Rotterdam/NL
    10-15 April 2007
  • CeC & CaC India International Centre New Dehli/India
    9-11 February 2007
  • Festival Arte Digital Rosario/Argentina
    16-18 November 2006
  • PI 5 Video Festival National Museum Szczecin/ Poland
    20-22 October 2006
  • 8th CHROMA – Festival de Arte Audiovisual
    Guadalajarra/Mexico – 12-17 November 2006
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    Selected artists

  • Arzu Ozkal Telhan
  • Andrew Johnson
  • Elia Alba
  • A. Girik & O. Shatalova
  • Eleanor Gates Stuart
  • Ina Loitzl
  • Joao Paulo Simoes –
  • Elisabeth Smolarz –
  • Beatrice Allegranti –
  • Unnur A. Einarsdottir
  • Sonja Vuk –
  • Irene Tetaz
  • Risk Hazekamp
  • Rahel Maher
  • Eileen Bonner
  • Steven Dixon
  • Sinasi Günes
  • Michael Brynntrup
  • Fred Koenig
  • Joey Hateley
  • Ane Lan
  • Carlo Sansolo
  • Erika Frenkel
  • Yamil Jamani
  • Reuben Preston
  • Welmo Joseph
  • Calin Dan
  • Jens Salander
  • Dana Levy
  • Antonia Valero
  • Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry
  • Gudrun Bittner
  • Petra Lindholm
  • Yi Hyung Kim
  • Andrea Ferrara
  • Tan Chui Mui
  • Nita Mocanu
  • Rafael Alcala
  • Nancy Atatkan
  • .
    Arzu Ozkal Telhan (Turkey)

    arzu ozkal telhan

    artist biography

    Title: Entitled, video installation, 2003, 3:34

    In collaboration with: Insoon Ha and Peiyun Lee
    A naked newborn baby is not considered wrong or bad. A naked two year old
    On the beach is generally considered normal and innocuous. At what age child
    considered as a human and trained with the set of social practices, disciplinized and socialized?
    “Activities such as walking, experiencing shame (experiencing gender), stigmatization, eating, and dressing, are the daily rituals through which the child attends and trains the body. The body is a powerful symbolic form, a surface on which the central rules, hierarchies, and even metaphysical
    commitments of culture are inscribed (sewed).” _Foucault

    Andrew Johnson (USA)

    andrew johnson

    artist biography

    Title: Black and White, 4:30

    Elia Alba (Domincan Republic)

    artist biography

    Title: If I were a…
    In collaboration with Nicolás Dumit Estévez
    DVD; 4:30 min.
    This video refers to the Banana Dance performed by Josephine Baker in Paris in 1926. The word “jaba” is a negative informal expression from the Dominican Republic that is the equivalent to the term “high yellow” used here in the United States, meaning a very light skinned black person. In this video, the performance artist Nicolás Dumit Estévez wears a skirt similar to the one worn by Josephine Baker in her dance and the mask is that of my face. However, instead of bananas, the skirt is made up of miniature doll heads of various ethnic races. By re-enacting this performance, I wanted to make reference to this historical act, which was about white Parisian culture consuming the acts of a black female body, but in presenting a man in the guise of Josephine Baker, I wanted to reconsider the original narrative of the Banana Dance, which eroticized the black, female body and the consummation of such.

    Alla Girik and Oksana Shatalova (Kazakhstan)

    girik & shatalova

    Alla Girik biography
    Oksana Shatalova biography

    Title: Warning! Women
    year of production : 2005, duration: 3 min. 12 sec
    In non-modernized patriarchal societies (they are still the majority of humanity) the role of cultural organizing force, “intellect” and “consciousness” is traditionally given to male.
    A woman symbolizes the power of the Unconscious, intuition, chaos. It’s a kind of some impersonal force. She is dangerous like the nature (= threat of disaster).
    The trilogy “Warning: Woman!” is a Rabelaisian illustration for ideas on woman as a “corporal bottom”. It’s an ironic illustration of feminophobia; an illustration of archaic myth (about “vagina dentata”). Woman here is represented as a brutal (though funny) monster that always can deprive a male of his phallic regalia.

    Eleanor Gates Stuart (Australia)

    eleanor gates stuart

    artist biography

    Title: Knit, 2005
    Duration: 9 minutes 4 seconds
    Eleanor Gates-Stuart’s video, Knit (2006), is a gruelingly frustrating depiction of human condition. Her video works are described as – distinguished psychological mindscapes, claustrophobic and compulsively escapeless.

    Ina Loitzl (Austria)

    artist biography.

    Title: Snow-white and red like a rose
    Trick animation video with sound / 5’ / 2005

    Regularly “SNOW – WHITE” becomes “ROSE – RED”
    Takes of her clean appearance
    Goes wild, blooming and pulsating
    To return again into white silence

    This metamorphosis colours the red juice blue
    Blood can not be denied
    Womens’ tears clean their “unsanitary mons veneris”

    Marias’ concentration on her body fluids
    Made her think of a simple analogy
    With the blood of her own son!
    Which sanguine is now allowed to be drunk,
    which blood is worth to be shed?

    Oh, don’t wish for a woman with no abdomen!
    Could she serve better with a missing genital?
    Clean, safe, marias’ mouth can only swear….

    The critical days are “my days”
    Activity can be gained with injections or pills
    The end is the absence of menorrhoea

    But this hide – and – seek can take revenge
    With bouts of the vagina
    Because tampons can only stop, plug and tame
    The juice floating with relish

    The power and fury should not be forgotten
    The life in all its red coloured nuances.
    It’s a beautiful part of you and me……

    Joao Paulo Simoes (Portugal)

    joao paulo simoes

    artist biography

    Title: Take.This.Turn, 2005
    In which three musical interludes are combined to form a three-part Video Illustration about the nature of identity in an abstract, sci-fi context.

    Elisabeth Smolarz (Germany)

    elisabeth smolarz

    artist biography

    You and Me
    2003, Video installation, 3 min
    A couple. The woman slowly transforms into the man and vice versa. The video visualises a relationship between two people., The installation is a metaphor for how human beings interact with one another; the creation of our identities.

    Beatrice Allegranti (UK)

    beatrice allegranti

    artist biography

    Title: IN MY BODY, video 2005, 4 min

    is a site-specific autobiographical solo film which explores the sensations and emotions of a woman in the nascent stages of re- constructing her identity following the death of her mother.

    Unnur A. Einarsdottir (Iceland)

    unnur andrea einarsdottir

    artists biography

    Title: Toilet (2005),
    A woman, dressed in a pink night dress and high heels, is licking a toilet seat covered with whipped cream and candy, with sexual intensity.

    Sonja Vuk (Croatia)

    sonja vuk

    artist biography

    Title: Cosmo Club
    year of production 2004

    This art work deals with typical problems of life adjustment in transitional Croatia.
    Split between temptations of consumerism, media influence and real financial and political situation in the country leads to contradictions on everyday basis in common people’s lives.
    This problem is serious but sometimes offers comic moments as a defence against general absurdity and helplessness.
    One of such examples is processing the text from Cosmopolitan.
    The basic idea of this project is inspired by certain «Guide through fantasies», published in Cosmopolitan magazine in January,2004 which promisses «momentary pleasure» by following instructions for sexlife refreshment.
    Superior author of the text tries to help by clear role division (Who are you?,Who is he?,
    What he says?,What you say?,What do you do?,How everything ends?).
    He/she thinks that helps to those who are not creative and fearless enough even for dealing with general questions in politics, economy etc. so how they can be capable of finding mature solutions of own sexsual frustrations? Or the other way around? Those who are not creative enough for their own imaginative intimate life, are they capable enough for independant dealing with socially important questions?
    However, Cosmopolitan is here to help with instant recepes so life can be more alike cliche lives of heroines and heroes from soaps where they are always rich, beautiful, sexy and they get the best and the most of the life.

    Irène Tétaz (France)

    irene tetaz

    artist biography.

    Title: Il Nue (the nude), 2006
    The ambiguity between male and female
    « Il nue » est une vidéo qui se joue sur une ambiguïté homme-femme (d’où son titre).
    Une peau, une peau avec poil….homme.
    Une poitrine, mais poilue….homme ? femme ?
    Une poitrine, qui petit à petit est nettoyée par du lait, qui, devient seins….le lait, symbole par excellence de la femme, mais de la pureté aussi ?
    Une femme doit –elle être pure ?
    Les seins, signe de la maternité, certes, mais aussi de l’envie, de la sexualité…..
    « il nue » se propose comme un voyage sur ces questions.

    Risk Hazekamp (the Netherlands)

    artist biography
    Title: Gay King
    model: Mariëlle, duration: 3 min., year: 2005

    “I try to re-formulate the question about ‘gender’ again and again through the use of images. For me there’s not one conclusion possible. It is much more interesting to stay surprised and to take that surprise as a starting point, in stead of trying to make a definition.
    This film is an encounter between two (drag)kings and they happen to be gay. The film is also a little tribute to the most brilliant scene in Patricia Rozema’s “I’ve heard the mermaids singing”, where Polly tries to look around the edge of the monitor.”

    Rahel Maher (Australia)

    rachel maher

    artist biography

    Title: Misstar
    Year of Production: 2002, Length: 2 minutes, Format: Digital Video
    In its simplest form, Misstar is film about a woman who dresses up as a man. This process appears to entirely change her identity but this film presents the question: what is her real identity? Perhaps people have many gender identities and it is about exploring ways to express them. MIsstar is a short documentary exploring personal identity and one person’s experiment with her own.

    This film involves two characters: Lee and Misstar (Lee’s drag persona). Misstar has many characters but this film presents just one of them: Johnny Gash. On many Friday nights Lee performs as a singing man in a Drag King shows. It’s entertaining for the people who go to watch; often amusing, sometimes confronting. But for Lee it is about exploring and fulfilling an identity that she feels doesn’t always breathe easily in her life daily life. Dressing up in drag allows her to find expression for a personal urge that materialises as both a committed performer and a convincing male personality.

    This film presents the relationship between Lee and Misstar as a transition in gender identity. It traces Lee’s process of dressing up as Johnny Gash and the actual preparation for performing in drag that night. So, we watch her dressing up physically and psyching up mentally to leave the private persona Lee for a while and become publicly recognisable Johnny Gash.

    Lee’s insightful descriptions of her identity offer a great commentary to the visual representation of the physical process of transition. We catch a glimpse of the dreams and the tradition that motivated and inspired Lee to create Misstar. And ultimately we observe Lee revel in who she is and what she does.


    eileen bonner

    artist biography

    work title: I THOU

    The dichotomy between boundaries and merging. The invisibility of myself alone becomes the ambiguity of us together: we are plain sight and yet unseen.

    Steven Dixon (Sweden)

    artist biography

    Title: The Invisible Girl, 2004
    Interview about the lesbian identity of a young girl

    Sinasi Günes (Turkey)

    sinasi gunes

    artist biography

    Work title: ANDROGEN, video 2004

    This video art work shows transforming of a man and woman’s role each other.

    Michael Brynntrup (Germany)

    artist biography

    Title: TV-X-perm. (Being Queer As A Commissioned Work)

    My Gay Self-Portrait For Arte TV.
    Being queer as a commissioned work.
    Elastic Realityâ„¢ as program.

    Fred Koenig (France)

    fred koenig

    artist biography

    Title: The Vodoo Diva’s International
    Playing with Gender, Love, Hope and a keen Desire to find where they
    Belong, in a style that can only be described as falling between
    Contemporary Conceptual High Art and Total Trash. These two
    Internationally famous performance artists hope to do nothing more at
    Playtime, than astound their audiences and live up to their reputation
    with a special new creation made in Jo’burg inspired by the beauty of the
    purple Jakaranda trees, titled :

    The Voodoo Diva’s On the Barbecue
    ‘freedom’s just an other word for nothing left to lose’ -Janis Joplin “I
    only wanted to see you bathing in the purple rain”- Prince

    Joey Hateley (UK)

    artist biography

    Title: A: Gender, video excerpt from a DVD performance
    A bold new performance, A:Gender delves deep into one of the last remaining taboos in our society. Boys can be girls. Girls can be boys. Men can be women. Women can be men. Or can they?
    ‘When I don’t fit ‘man’ and I don’t fit ‘woman’, it’s like all these holes start appearing…’
    Conceived by the Manchester based queer performance artist, Joey Hateley, A:Gender takes a long, hard, and sometimes uncomfortable, look at our notions of gender. A:Gender daringly mixes up drag/queer photography, videography, performance poetry, academia and science to rip up our notions of gender and start again.

    Ane Lan (Norway)

    ane lan

    artist biography

    Title: Ane Lan, video
    The video and performance work conceived by Norwegian artist Ane Lan is based on living portraits, short performances that interpret the domestic and personal condition of History; the interior life of common men that, being out of proportion with the universal dimension, rests in painful resignation. The setting, alternately pop, naïf, ordinary, or looking like a doll-house, is only apparently ironic. The harsh contrast of colours signifies the extraneousness which Ane Lan stages by means of transvestitism. Her docile characters create portraits of silence, of extraneousness, of incongruity, but also of an icy political verdict. Innocence veined in melancholy is intended as a conscious return to a childish perception of the world.

    Carlo Sansolo (Brazil)
    Carlo Sansolo
    artist biography

    Title: PANOPTICA

    In his work “Panoptica”, the viewer takes to position of the hidden artist who is observing what is happening around in the living environment of the hired flat. Every day life scenes become relevant and are catapulted to the level of importance.

    Erika Frenkel (Brazil)
    artist biography

    Title: Cascadura Baby – 5:00 – 2004

    erika frenkel
    A turbulent body, relativizing the difficulty on communicating and the function of the culture on the whole society.

    Jamil Yamani (Australia)

    yamil jamani

    artist biography

    Title: All Quiet on the Western Front, 2005

    This work explores the changing face of identity when one is exposed to a greater cultural hegemony, it is illustrated through the simplistic device of eating food. In the work on the left/east side I can be seen eating a traditional indian meal, salt is taken at the beginning of the meal and I begin to eat with only my right hand (my family are muslims), no drink is taken until the meal is finished. On the right/western side a napkin is laid on my lap and I commence my meal by swallowing a large amount of beer, halfway through the meal I burp quite loudly and once again near the end. On the table on the eastern side is placed a jar of olive oil, its counterpart on the west is a jar of salted preserved lemons, how can these two elements come together to harmoniously communicate? Can they ever? For most of the duration of the film, both myselves studiously ignore each other but every now and then their eyes meet or when one is engaged in their food, the other observes himself. I make no commentary or observations within this text, I merely present multiple facets of complex problems.

    . Ruben James Preston (UK)

    artist biography
    Remembering (4:40) (2005)

    The piece addresses the issues of remembrance in the human consciousness, in particular how an inanimate material can be the vehicle for a very deep sense of remembrance, loss and change. In the work the simple item of a chair is raised to iconic level by the significance it holds in the character’s life. The chair is a symbol of much hope and aspiration as well as hard work toil and commitment. A commitment which came to an end as life needed to move forward. But the questions that hang in the air are where does the future lie when the leap of faith is made and where will new faith and hope be found when the traditional vessels have failed to supply the hopes, desires and security which were sought after. The chair as a piece of timber embodies something of these remembrances and points to the personal journey for meaning and purpose in the human quest. The piece presents us with the letting of in the ordained ministry in the search for creativity and self fulfilment.

    Welmo E. Romero Joseph
    Welmo Joseph
    artist biography

    Title of work : ½ POCILLO , video, 2003, 3:40

    Production Team:
    Welmo: MC (Lyric)
    Sasha/”splice” Costanza Chock: Beat
    Dj K-kemit: Scrachts
    Actors/actress: Joanna, Gerardo Calderón, Lucia Castellano, Josias Tapia, Sonnel Velázquez: Photography Director
    Leslie Colombani: Illumination Director
    Hernand Cortés: Vtr
    Angelo Alberti: Make-up
    Raúl Marchand: Editor
    Bang Post: Postproduction
    Inés Mongil: Director
    A Nonstop’s Production

    Calin Dan (Romania)

    artist biography

    Sample City
    10:00, 2003


    Jens Salander
    Mikael Strömberg

    artist biography

    Title of work: The Collossos by the Sea

    Dana Levy
    artist biography

    “Time with Franz”, video, 2004, 11:00

    Dana Levy met Franz during her stay in Austria. He invited her to his countryside home, inherited from his family. There, she discovered boxes of old family photos, Nazi swastikas. Being third generation of the Holocaust, she felt threat, anger, and fear. The movie reflects the way the artist tries to overcome her mixed emotions. The past slowly gives way to the present moment, and to the developing friendship with Franz, despite history. The music is by Die Linzer Philharmonic, conducted by artist Hannes Langeder. The orchestra players are all non professional. The result is an eerie out of tune classical music.

    Lital Dotan & Eyal Perry
    Lital Dotan/Eyal Perry
    artists biography

    10:00, 2004
    The woman artist bandages herself, tightening thorns to her body. The scene is photographed by the male artist from two perspectives that represent an objective and a subjective point of view.

    Antonia Valero (Spain)

    artist biography

    S/T (sin titulo)

    Gudrun Bittner (Spain/Austria)

    artist biography

    Title of work: A Dark Glimpse on the White Gloved Mouse, video, 2004, 5:00

    Petra Lindholm (Sweden)

    artist biography

    Title: Reported Missing, video, 2004, 10:00

    Ji-Hyun Kim (South Korea)
    Ji-Hyun Kim

    artist biography

    Title: “Wo-men, Wo-rld”, video, 2003, 2:40

    Andrea Ferrara, Fiorella Nicosia, Polytimi Patapi (Italy)

    artists biographies

    Title of work Spazio dell’Assenza
    6:00, 2004

    Tan Chui Mui (Malaysia)
    Tan Chui Mui
    artist biography

    Title of work: Hometown, video, 2003, 6:00

    Nita Mocanu (Romania)

    artist biography

    Waiting Room
    10:00, 2003


    Rafael Alcalá (Puerto Rico)
    Rafael Alcala
    artist biography

    Title of work: SMOKED, video, 2003, 3:00

    Nancy Atakan Turkey)

    artist biography

    Titles of work: The wall
    2:20, 2004

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