CologneOFF 2016 Russia


is happy to present

CologneOFF 2016 Russia
@ Now & After International Videoart Festival Moscow
27 Oct – 9 Nov 2016
@ State Darwin Museum Moscow

Ecology of Being
Curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

Miss Muffett aka Lisa Seidenberg (USA) – Flight, 2015, 3:51
Paolo Bandinu (Italy) – No Country, 2015, 2: 21
Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany) – Shatila-Lost Island, 2016, 20:00
Jean Gabriel Periot (France) – Nijuman no borei , 2008, 7.30
Maria Korporal (Netherlands) – Underwater Desert, 2015, 2:35
Nico Winz (France) – Fukushima Beach, 2014, 5:25
Mark Kadota (USA) – “Persistence of Emotion”, 2015, 9:55
Shahar Marcus (Israel) – Seeds, 2012, 5:03
Javier Velázquez Cabrero (Spain) – My city a bit cleaner of advertising every day, 2012, 6:00
Francois Knoetze (South Africa) – Cape Mongo : Plastic, 2015, 5:00
Marcantonio Lunardi (Italy) – Public Space, 2014, 03’:45’’
Baptist Coelho (India) – Beneath It all I Am Human, 2009, 9:41
Diego de los Campos Orefice (Uruguay) – Meatman, 2011, 5:12

Curatorial statement
While ecology can be defined as the scientific analysis and study of interactions among organisms and their environment, in terms of philosophical questions about the Being as such and the human existence in special, in the given case ecology has to be understood as an artistic study. The human being is the only creature which is able to design its environment creatively resulting truly incredible achievements of civilization. Our current world, however, is suffering from this ability which is a blessing and a curse alike destroying potentially not only the living environment, but also the own human species actively.
The curated selection including artists from different countries and continents is discussing the philosophical questions and physical aspects of this profound endangering.