Abir Boukari

videoart by Giwan Khalaf (Syria)

Videoart from Syria
Behind Words
Project concept: Abir & Nisrine Boukhari
Curated by: Abir Boukhari
Supervised by: Aisha Jamal

Abir Boukhari
biography http://and.nmartproject.net/?p=4033

presented on 18 March 2011 at Kharkiv City Art Gallery

CologneOFF 2011 UKRAINE
14-20 March 2011 – Kiev-Kharkiv

Curatorial statement
The Syrian society has suffered in the past of much and big difference between Male and Female in the whole level starting from the practice, scientific, culture, politic and even the religious sides.
The great universal evolution in the world reached all the life and creates new human relationships to provoke one of the most sensitive issues; it is the women and her role as a human being
Syria effected this positive change where the woman starts to take her role in the life equally with the man who found himself forced to deal with her.
Nowadays, we can obviously observe that his feeling about her as a competitor has began to hide, outwardly, against her as a colleague but not as equal partner in his life.
As a result of this complex life, new problems have appeared in the relations between them to transform to a discordance and dissension.
This hidden struggle between them was the reason to create this artistically interaction between them to exchange their views and opinions about each other after all these years and all these changes happened in the world in general and in Syrian society particular each artist will produce video art about the new relations between Man & Woman
Behind Words is an artistically and cultural project aims to authorship a conversation between Man and Woman and create a kind of open discussion cycle about gender through video art for 5 female and 5 male artists

Adnan Jatto

Title: I am Twelve
Duration: 1.3
They were playing together and still spin the life wheel and when one of them had come to the twelfth years old she will disappear and the number are not going to decrease
In life we all have the right to play…

Fadi Hamwi

Title: Artificial
Duration: 2.11
The video is showing chair under a transparent tissue and a sound for a person who is breathing and holding the camera.
The work simulates the womb prison where the girls are living even after the breed and nothing are going to get through only those breaths.

Hazem Hamwi

Title: Cold Breathe
Duration: 4.21

I could not separate these circles from each other,
The Self and the Woman then the Life
Dominated by the cruelty of life, and experiencing the hardest rule is that woman go to become something. The destiny of the self is lost only because they are in constant motion

Hiba Aizouk

Title: Corners
Duration: 4.19

In these impoverished spaces, where the hope is missing with so long denied bored, they spent the most of their time
He has only the ability to find a way out of this boredom, and it remains lonely dying with her leisure.

Giwan Khalaf

Title: Female
Duration: 1.29 min

The balloon symbolizes in this work to the female, where they criticize the position of the men and how they look to the female as a tool to deal with it for the fun, as soon as he lost it, he begin with new one
Maha Shahine

Title: Frame
Duration: 0.95

I am showing the surface Look of the man to the woman by limiting the interest in her appearance and neglect her desires and her internal worlds where he puts her in frame limits her movement and eventually turning her mind to the body Nude imprisoned within the framework

Nisrine Boukhari

Title: Accident
Duration: 2.42

The written words in the video is telling story about car accident where the sound into the hospital comes late, mysterious and cold, accompanied with this stable frame for two persons almost disappeared in the darkness, seemingly for apart in half of the framework without being combined
This is the emotional relation between man and woman where they are on the top of the moments –as I explained- empty except from the choc
After the accident, the loss get to be moral or spontaneous and the pleasure of going fast just disappeared.

Razan Mohsen

Title: Paralization
Duration: 1.24

We bless to give the maternity of creation
What does it feel to you just the creation of what is alive?

Raed Zeino

Title: He & She

young dancer from Syria get together in one room a with young dancer from Armenia, without talking each other and without music,
They only move their body with a high and improvised senses where it creates dances dialogue with a lot of meanings for some and might mean nothing to others
The film try to evoke the spontaneous sensory between a man and a woman, regardless of time and place and external influences.

Ruba Khweis

Title: Stereotype
Duration: 00.59

He Changed, transformed, appeared with different colors to have varies presence, in static way, despite all the attempts to show us a small part of his modernity
We see him, change and change but even though he looks like himself as if nothing had happened