Perspectives on 2011

Dear friends of CologneOFF,

An exciting year comes slowly to an end, while 2011 is approaching with all its power, i.e. CologneOFF 2011 – videoart in a global context.

Its basic festival program, CologneOFF VI – the 6th festival edition in sequence, was already presented successully as a preview in Budapest (Sept 2010), Timisoara (Oct 2010) and New Delhi (Dec 2010), before it will be launched online on 1 January 2011, the starting point of this year long lasting festival project, whereby the physical presentations all over the world represent the main focus.

During the 1st 3 months in 2011, CologneOFF 2011 has manifestations in Rotterdam (NL), Sattal (India), Kiev and Kharkiv (Ukraine), Rennes (France), Arad & Timisoara (Romania). The 2nd quater of 2011 will include venues in Poland, Russia, Finland, Estonia, Lativia and Lithuania.
The 3rd quater of 2011 will lead CologneOFF 2011 to the Mediterrenean and Middle East, and the 4th quater to Far East. Thus CologneOFF 2011 will travel once around the world during the coming year promoting the diversity of the wide field of “art and moving images”.

CologneOFF is inviting you to join, cooperate, contribute or just following the festival during the whole year.

A Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

Please open the link and listen to the Christmas Message

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