Norwegian selection

Copy City by Denise Hauser (Norway)

Oslo Screen Festival
Norwegian Selection
curated by Margarida Paiva

presented on 14 March 2011 at Goethe Institute Ukraine Kiev

CologneOFF 2011 UKRAINE
14-20 March 2011 – Kiev-Kharkiv

selected videos

by Ottar Ormstad (Norway)
7’40”, 2009
In the first black and white part I show an animated version of one of
my visual poems made out of words in different languages. In the
second part I show darkroom-produced photos in combination with
letters and text-pictures, some in yellow.

by Ingeborg Stana (Norway)
3′, 2008
A poetic experiment about cloudspotting and getting a way out of here.

The sun tattooed
by Shwan Dler Qaradaki (Norway/Iraq)
3’34”, 2009
My work relates to the problematics of exile in Europe, and
particularly in Norway. I’m interested in the direction the politics
of immigration is taking in Norway, and what consequences this has for
immigrants’ self-image and identity.

Par Hasard
by Bull.Miletic (Norway)
5’45”, 2009
Par Hasard explores the Eiffel Tower’s symbolic relationship to its
ethereal physicality. Negotiation between opposing meanings, emotions
and times continues throughout the video in a similarly ambiguous
manner, primarily via cutaway shots. The soundtrack, intertwined by
long periods of silence, is intended to enhance the hallucinatory

Copy City
by Denise Hauser (Norway)
4’35”, 2008
Copy City is an experimental short film about marginal worlds, having
its roots in the new media development and web 2.0.

The Red City
by Sabina Jacobsson (Norway)
4’31”, 2008
Music video made for Malika Makouf Rasmussens cd “ON CLUB”.
Camera and editing: Sabina Jacobsson
Music: Malika Makouf Rasmussen

Jazkamer, Live at Club Urga, Tokyo
by HÃ¥vard Gjelseth (Norway)
Stop motion, 1’39”, 2008
Music video, stop motion, shot live with SLR.