Lily & Honglei

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During October2011 CologneOFF 2011 has its focus on China , featuring the artists couple Lily & Honglei as the solo feature from China,

Lily & Honglei - video artists from China

Lily & Honglei

1. The Forbidden City, 2007-2008, 5:48
2. Home, 2010, 3:00
3. Butterfly Lovers, 2011, 5:00
4. Window: April, 2010, 1:30
5. Window: May, 2010, 1:35
6. The Peony Pavillon, 2011, 5:46


Lily Xiying Yang and Honglei Li are new media artists from Beijing, currently based in New York City. Since 2005, they have been working under a collective name Lily & Honglei. Their creativity aims to
develop new artistic expressions through integrating traditional art forms
such as painting and Chinese folk art with digital language, which critique current global culture and society.

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