Launch of CologneOFF 2011

CologneOFF 2011


Today, Thursday, 6 January 2011, the nomadic festival project “CologneOFF 2011 – videoart in a global context” was launched.

As the start in January 2011, the basic program, i.e. “CologneOFF VI – Let’s Celebrate”, is standing in the focus and will remain the only fixed component of the one year long videoart challenge.
This program will be displayed online on the CologneOFF site only, while all other programs which will start in February 2011 will have several additional individual online screens, i.e.they will be displayed on the CologneOFF partner sites of “Le Musee di-visioniste – the global museum of networked art”.

The respective instructions will be given on this “blog”, in time.