event: 1st Digital Art Festival Bahia Blanca (AR)

Cologne OFF has the pleasure to cooperate with 1st Digital Art Festival Bahia Blanca – 13-14 October 2007 – see also profile – organised by City Council of Bahia Blanca and Rattlesnake Productora , which is also responsable for the organisation of 3rd Digital Art Festival Rosario/Argentina – more details on –

CologneOFF will presenting in Bahia Blanca selections of CologneOFF I – genderscapes and CologneOFF II – image vs music

CologneOFF I – selected films

1. Misstar by Rahel Maher (Australia) –
2. Toilet by Unnur A. Einarsdottir (Iceland) –
3. Ane Lan by Ane Lan (Norway) –
4. Warning! Women by Alla Girik and Oksana Shatalova (Kazakhstan) –
5. Androgen by Sinasi Günes (Turkey) –
6. In My Body by Beatrice Allegranti (UK) –
7. Devil Inside by J.G. Periot & Tom de Pekin (France) –
8. Snow-white and red like a rose by Ina Loitzl (Austria) –
9. If I were a… by Elia Alba (Domincan Rep.) –
10. Gay King by Risk Hazekamp (the Netherlands) –
11. House of tomorrow by Agricola de Cologne (Germany) –
12. Women-World by Yi Hyung Kim –

CologneOFF II – selected films

*How the Music Surprises an Unprepared Listener by Andreja Andric (Italy)
*Sweet Sounds of a Sugar Town: Raw to Refined by
Bundaberg Media Research Group (Australia)
*Resource 14 by Daniel Blinkhorn (Australia) –
*Visual Orchestra by David Burns (USA)
*Circles and Rounds by Dennis H. Miller (USA)
*Small Room Tango by Gabriel Shalom (USA)
*Speye by Jason Paul Cardot (USA)
*Ancient Rhythm by Lane Last (USA)
*Still Alives by Laurent Pernot (France) –
*Attention, Attention by Erika Frenkel (Brazil) –
*Softly Engaged by Mauro Arrighi & Marco Buziol (Italy)-
*on/off by Pygar – Hugo Olim/Joao Ricardo (Portugal)
*Linear Succession by Shawn Towne (USA)
*Gicir by Sinasi Günes (Turkey)
*My Way by Sonja VUK (Croatia)
*Music in Cake by Unnur Einarsdottir (Iceland)
*The Reharsal ba Agricola de Cologne (Germany)