CologneOFF V launch on 13 November!

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On 13 November 2009,
CologneOFF V – Taboo! Taboo?
5th Cologne Online Film Festival
will be launched online and starts together with two festival partners
MICROWAVE – New Media Arts Festival Hong Kong
13 Nov – 11 Dec 2009 and
FONLAD – Digital Arts Festival Guarda/Portugal
14 Nov 2009 – 3 Jan 2010

On MICROWAVE, VideoChannel is presenting CologneOFF V, also and especially in the presentation “Body and Soul – 15:15:15” on 22 November 2009, which was created especially for the thematic context of MICROWAVE.

On FONLAD; VideoChannel is presenting two screening programs on
24 and 25 November 2009.

And a third venue ist scheduled for 2009, at Arnolfini’s in Bristol/UK,
where a CologneOFF V Manifestation will be held on 12 and 13 December in the framework of “unCraftivity”

In 2010, CologneOFF V will become part fo NewMediaFest’2010, including additional manifestations and screenings during 2010.