CologneOFF IV premiere in Venezuela

8th World Meeting

CologneOFF – Cologne Online Film Festival

is happy to announce the world premiere of 4th festival edition
CologneOFF IV “Here We Are!
Museum of Contemporary Art (MACZUL) Maracaibo/Venezuela
in the framework of the annual “Salon de Arte Digital” – 1-8 October 2008
The official online launch is postponed to December 2008.

On invitation of the Ministery of Culture of Venezuela
and the organisation CARPE DIEM –
CologneOFF festival director, Wilfried Agricola de Cologne ,
will launch CologneOFF IV in physical space personally at MACZUL
during the festival week.

MACZUL Maracaibo will be presenting further the screenings of
selected films and videos chief curated by Agricola de Cologne
from –>

1. CologneOFF III – Toon! Toon! – art cartoons and animated narratives (2007)
2. Retrospective of Nick Fox-Gieg (USA)
3. Cinematheque – Slowtime-Dreamtime (2007)
4. VideoChannel- Videoart from Ukraine (2008)

MACZUL Maracaibo will present Agricola de Cologne
also as a media artist in the solo feature
“Some Minutes of a Time” – a retrospective – times based art 2004-2008
see also–>

After Maracaibo, a series of presentations takes place in Caracas between 13 and 18 October 2008 in the framework of VIII World Meeting of Intellectuals and Artists for Defending Humanity Caracas/VE
and Salon de Arte Digital Maracaibo/VE.