CologneOFF 2011 Timisoara (I&II)

Deutsches Kulturzentrum Temesvar (Rumänien)

Deutsches Kulturzentrum Temesvar (Rumänien)

TimiShort Film Festival

CologneOFF 2011 Timisoara
is a cooperation with German Cuiltural centre Timisoara/Romania
consisting of two events structures

1. CafeKultour Festival Timisoara – 11-17 April 2011
Screening of “Tensions in Time & Space” at Club Taine Timisoara on 12 April

2. TimiShorts – Timisoara International Shortfilm Festival – 4-8 May 2011
presentation of CologneOFF & screening of “Art & the City

CologneOFF2011_Timisoara download the PDF catalogue´- CologneOFF 2011 Timisoara