Athens Video Art Festival

Athens Video Art Festival
selection of video art

Sotiris Iliadis.

Selected artists:

Achilleas Gatsopoulos
Achilleas Gatsopoulos was born in 1980 in Athens, Greece. Coming from a Fine Arts background, he moved to England to study Animation and Film Set Design. He concluded his studies with distinction in both degrees and since then he lives and works in London on various productions, ranging from big films such as “Harry Potter III” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” to many BBC and ITVtelevision productions. He has also directed and produced a few short films and music videos that have participated in various Film Festivals and have also been aired worldwide.

Title of work: Seal of Lilith/year: 2010/duration: 5’01” /credits: Gatsopoulos Achilleas /

Short synopsis (max 100 words in English):
A timeless story of erotic manipulation and deceit given through a visual exploration of a series of almost static live-action paintings referencing archetypal images and characters such as Adam, Lilith, Cain and Abel.

Dagli Zeynep
Videoartist from istanbul, living and working in London/UK

Title of work: Disaster /year: 2006 /duration: 2’23” /
credits: Dagly Zeynep/

Jazbec Masa
from Slovenia graduated in Fine Arts at University of Maribor. She is working mostly in the field of video installations. She is a founding member of art group V.A.T. (Visual Alternative Trbovlje) and is actively collaborating with Institution for culture Delavski dom Trbovlje in it’s project “Trbovlje New Media Setting” with her active participation in the implementation of art projects and events (new media art festival Speculum artium09, Speculum Artium10, Laibach 30th anniversary).

Title of work: First blood /year: 2010 /duration: 1’20”/
credits: Jazbec Masa /

Thessia Machado
Thessia Machado, Brazil/NY, investigates the physicality of sound and the metaphorical possibilities of simple images. Her installations and video pieces have been exhibited in New York, Philadelphia, Paris, Amsterdam, Dublin, Berlin and she has been awarded residencies at the MacDowell Colony, the Atlantic Center for the Arts, the Irish Museum of Modern Art and the Vermont Studio Center. She is a recipient of fellowships from The Bronx Museum, the New York Foundation for the Arts and the Experimental Televison Center.

Title of work: Longday/year: 2010 /duration: 0’25” /
credits: Machado Thessia /

A meditation on longing, longday superimposes an element reminiscent of water onto a bustling city view as night falls. It floods this urban clamor with the nostalgic ocean of my native Brazil. This piece has aquired another level of meaning with the recent discussions of the effect of climate change on coastal cities.

Vincent Gisbert
Vicent Gisbert Soler (1976, Ontinyent ) lives and works in Valencia. At the moment he is quite implicated in audiovisual projects using the movement and the space like basic factors of his creation. With his previous work, Rumors, he participated in different national and international festivals like: el Festival Internacional de cine de Tarragona, el Festival de cortos de Ciudad Real, el Festival Zinebí de Bilbao, el Festival internacional de cine de Ourense, La Mostra de Valencia… Colaboration in other productions for example with Maria Trénor, winner in different international festivals like: La Berlinale, Cinema Jove or el Festival de cine independiente de Lisboa.

Title of work: Contra /year: 2009 /duration: 3’43” /credits: Gisbert Vincent /

Contra is a reflection on the fragility of contemporary man in his present environment, charting the loss of conscience that results in the moment of bonding our spirit to things material, the perceived reality of the senses. Use, transform, create, manipulate, destroy… actions that can form behaviors governed only by individual and immediate interests. Then we impose without respect, distracting ourselves from the negative consequences on our environment and ourselves.

Dimitris Papoutsakis
Dimitris lives and studies in Athens.

Title of work: /year: Athenian Summer /duration: 2’53” /credits: Dimitris Papoutsakis/
Presenting the town and the public spaces though a model, the spectator doesn’t fit into the miniature of his familiar environment, but feels huge in comparison as an individual personality and social unity. This Art Work questions the emotional participation of the spectator in this visual transition of reality. There are scenes given as moments of a celebration by the nature and human society through the inexhaustible diversity of it creatures, and images showing the successive phases of movement of the unit, in the difficult and often painful attempt to participate in social destiny total.

Guido Salvini
Born in 1962 in Torino. Lives and works in Torino as photographer and visual artist. Selected exibitions: 2009 Immagini dall’India palazzo Cavour, Torino; 2008 Video Dia Loghi, Torino; 2008 More blind mice, collective exibition for Bi loft Torino; 2008 Galleria MAR e Partners, Torino.(Macco-Salvini solo); 2007 Insoliti off, Caffè del Progresso, Torino; 2006 Circuito 48, Caffè Procope, Torino; 2006 Il gesto e l’anima, Teatro Nuovo, Torino; 2006 Piattaforma teatro coreografico, Cavallerizza Reale, Torino; 2006 Insoliti, Teatro Gobetti, Torino; 2006 Festival di danza contemporanea, Associazione Valdapozzo, Alessandria; 2005 Piattaforma teatro coreografico, Teatro Caos, Torino; 2005 Notte a Lynchlandia, Damadama Cafè, Torino; 2004 La Parraca, Villanova d’Asti; 2004 Quiet Bodies. Chiodi Cafè, Mestre; 2003 Andiamo al Piazzo-arte e ambiente, Palazzo Cisterna, Biella; 2003 Piattaforma sezione video, Espace, Torino; 2003 Film Festival, Mestre; 2001- 02- 04 Cesena, competition cinema still photographers.

Title of work: Strength test /year: 2009 /duration: 2’00” /credits: Salvini Guido /
A hand trying to write article 21 of the Italian Constitution (the one about freedom of expression and print)* another hand doing everything to stop it.

Rogelio Sastre
Born in 1970 in Santander, Spain. BA in Linguistics and Hispanic Studies, University of London, with one year at UC Berkeley. Studied a Cameraman course and a AVID Media Composer course.Lived in the UK for ten years.

Title of work: The Perfect Immigrant /year: 2010 /duration: 11’30” /credits: Sastre Rogelio /
What´s the perfect immigrant like? What´s his skin like? What´s he thinking?

Giorgio Constantine
Athens/New York

Title of work: Wait for me /year: 2010 /duration:- /credits: Constantine Giorgio /
A lonesome girl spends her time with her only friends…The horses from a farm right next to her house. She goes to the valley to ride her favourite horse. She chases a white butterfly. Is the butterfly a spirit? She keeps chasing the girl in the white dress until the end. The girl in the white dress was her imaginary friend.

Vasilis Tzikas

Title of work: To Kalesma /year:2009 /duration: 3’10” /credits: Tzikas Vasilis /